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United Airlines Info

These are copies of articles published in various UAL or ALPA publications. It is merely a compilation of articles that I have collected that may be of interest to those seeking pilot employment with United Airlines.

This site is not endorsed or sponsored by United Airlines or ALPA in any way.

Article from The Pilot Schedule, July 1998     Fleet Plan
Article from The Pilot Schedule, August 1998     Domicile Issues
Article from The Leading Edge, Summer 1998     Membership / New Hire Info.
Chart from The Pilot Schedule, September 1998     Retirement Projections
Collection of Flight Ops Flyer's     Flight Ops Flyer

News articles of interest from Reuters News Service.

    5 year stock price
    First Quarter Earnings
    Second Quarter Earnings
    Widebody Order
    Airbus Order
    Star Alliance
    Electronic Ticketing Product


Expect more articles to appear periodically as I find and scan them.