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Statistical Update 

David Smith, 

CHAIR, Membership Committee

The View From 33, July 1999
Statistical Update
  • Average age of all United pilots less than age 60 is 49.55.
  • Average age of the 1999 United new-hires is 34.83.
  • There are 9,885 United pilots on the S/0 seniority list as of the end of April 1999.
  • There are 9,475 United pilots less than age 60 on our seniority list.
  • There are 266 United pilots flying over the age of 60.
  • There are an additional 144 United pilots over the age of 60 who are on medical/ill status.
  • Since May of 1985, there have been 7,517 pilots hired who are currently on the seniority list.