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"Gee, I didn't know that!"

 The Shuttle at Five, October 1999


80% of United Shuttle fliers are Mileage Plus members - More than double the industry's frequent flier membership average.

Almost one fourth of United's daily departures are Shuttle flights.

The Shuttle system OT Zero record is 90.4%, set on July 4, 1999.

E-tickets made their debut for United - and the industry - on Shuttle.  Today well over 50% of Shuttle fliers use E-tickets.

672 Flight Officers fly the Shuttle fleet exclusively: 81 in DEN, 241 in LAX, 250 in SFO, and 100 in SEA.

There are five Onboard domiciles that crew United Shuttle flights: DEN, LAS, LAX, SFO, and SEA.

Daily average customers who fly United Shuttle: over 40,000.

In 1998, United Shuttle boarded over 14 million passengers, one million more than Alaska Airlines.

Shuttle B-737's have 8 more seats than Mainline 737's, bringing capacity to 126.

All 59 Shuttle aircraft have expanded overhead bins and trash compactors.

Considered an "airline within an airline", United Shuttle, as a separate entity is the third largest regional US carrier in revenue passenger miles.