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UAL-MEC Membership Committee Report

David A. Smith, Membership Committee Chair 

September, 2000

New-Hire Data
It was recently announced that the hiring rate for the remainder of the year 2000 is being reduced to about 60 new-hires per month effective September 2000.  This seems to fly in the face of Chairman Goodwin's publicly stated goal of hiring 1,300 pilots in 2000.  It will be difficult to hire many more than 1,000 pilots if we reduce to that rate for the rest of this year.  The reason stated for this hiring reduction is the backlog and logjam of training that has occurred.  It is taking many fleets in excess of one month to complete a new-hire's OE, except for the second officer seat positions.

Most of our new-hires are given a couple of weeks of indoctrination training and then sent home to await their DENTK class date.  At least we have not started to "pool" the new-hires yet.  It is this committee's fear that if we “pool" any new-hires, we will lose the vast majority of those "pooled" to the other major airlines.  These are definitely difficult times to come to work for our airline with the operational difficulties and future uncertainties we all face.  It is clearly apparent that these factors are not even on management's radar scope when contemplating the actions of buying US Airways.

The fact remains that in July 2000, we offered 119 interviewees class dates with United Airlines.  Of that number, 38 let us know that they were declining the invitation to come to work for United.  Amazing times here at United.  Most of us cannot believe that some new-hire would want to go to work somewhere else besides United.  The fact is that United is no longer the carrier of choice to work for as a new-hire.