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Robert L. Beck, Chairman 

The Leading Edge, Summer 1999


New Hires
There have been 365 pilots hired through June 28, 1999.  The average age of these pilots is 35.08 years.  UAL's projection for 1999 is currently less than 800.  We believe it will approach 750.  There were 77 new pilots hired in June.  Since May 1985, there have been 8,046 pilots hired who are currently on the seniority list, while 1,955 remain who were hired prior to that date.  This equates to 80.45% and 19.55%, respectively.

United Pilot Group
As of July 5, 1999, there are 10,001 pilots on the UAL S/0 seniority list, which includes 263 who are MD/IL.  There are 256 over-age-60 second officers currently flying.  There are 9,591 pilots less than age 60 of whom 116 are on the MD/IL status.  The average age of all UAL pilots less than age 60 is 49.4 years.

Alpa National
As of June 1, 1999, United represents 9,766 pilots of whom 9,513 are ALPA members (488 are not-including 77 new-hire pilots not yet processed).

There are currently 53,482 pilots represented by ALPA: United with 18.26 %; Delta with 17.12%; Northwest with 11.59%

USAirways with 9.9%; TWA with 4.58%; and American Eagle with 3.97%. Combined, these airlines represent 65.42% of the members of ALPA. #