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Membership Committee Report

The Leading Edge, Fall 1998

by Robert L. Beck, Chairman
As of the new hire class of Sept. 23, 1998 there have been 353 pilots hired in 1998. The average age of these pilots is 34.8 years. Current projection for the year has been readjusted to 539. Since May 1985, there have been 7,330 pilots hired that are currently on the seniority list while 2,388 were hired prior to that date. This equates to 75.4% ad 24.6% respectively. 

An important reminder!

Pilots coming off probation must, repeat must, pay the $25 ALPA initiation fee directly to ALPA. It will not (cannot) be made by Dues Check Off (DCO). 

United Pilot Group

As of Sept. 23, 1998, there are 9,718 pilots on the UAL Seniority List, which includes 278 who are MD/IL. , There are 274 over age 60 second officers currently flying. There are projected to be 341 pilots who will reach age 60 in 1999; 389 in 2000; 388 in 2001, and 355 in 2002. 

ALPA National

As of Sept. 23, 1998, United represents 9,718 pilots of whom 9,219 (94.9%) are ALPA members There are currently 50,695 pilots represented by ALPA: United with 9,542 (18.8%); Delta with 9,194 (18.2%); Northwest with 6,092 (12.0%); USAirways with 5,103 (IO. I%); TWA with 2,570 (5.1 %); and American Eagle with 2,057 (4.1 %). Combined, these airlines represent 34,558 (68.2%). 

Reports to the MEC

Under separate cover the Membership Committee reported to the MEC on several issues Council By-pass, 60-year-old pilots and their UAL longevity and 60 or older pilots with less than 10 

years longevity. The by-pass report was in response to an MEC resolution. 

The data concerning pilots reaching age 60 with less than 10 years at UAL was furnished to the MEC Retirement & Insurance Committee to be included in its report to the MEC. There are currently 64 pilots and through 2007 there will be an additional Ill. 

Finally, the Sept. 1, 1998 "snapshot" of the UAL pilot group showed that 7.3% will reach 60 with less than 15 UAL years, 55% will have between 15 and 30 years and 27.7% will have between 30 and 40 years.