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UAL-MEC Membership Committee Report

David A. Smith, Membership Committee Chair 

Taken from Councel 33 Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2001.

Captain John Szakach was invited to make comments regarding our current hiring status.  John reported that there are still 360-380 successful pilot candidates in the pool who are awaiting a class date.  Class numbers are smaller than we had anticipated, which accounts for those high numbers.  We have lost 13 people from the pool so far this year-four elected to remain at American, four at Delta, and five didn't specify.  Every effort is currently being made to keep the pool updated.  Within a week of each new class being assigned, a call goes out to everyone on the list telling them that they have moved up-and each month a letter is sent with update information.  John commended the ladies in the Flight Officer Employment Office for their diligence and extra effort in implementing and maintaining this communication process.

No paper applications for Flight Officer employment are currently being accepted.  UAL is proceeding with an electronic application process at This will eliminate the scan form, and there will be no waiting to update infon-nation (applicants can do it daily if they wish), but a new electronic recommendation program will have to be designed.  There is no benefit to mailing letters of recommendation at this time, and they are not being accepted.  This conversion to the website has been a logistic internal nightmare; however, the mechanics'hiring did go on-line a couple of weeks ago, and, hopefully, the pilots will be next.  The new application process will begin with a clean slate.  All applicants will be notified by phone and letter that they need to reapply electronically.

Captain Smith thanked Captain Szakach and said that John Szakach and said that John will be sorely missed when he leaves his position to return to the line.  The announcement of a successor should be announced within the next few weeks.  John will remain in his present job while the transition takes place over the next three to six months.

Mike Hudak has stepped up to assume chairmanship of the Membership Committee.  In his absence, Dave presented the following report:

As of the end of February 2001, United had 10,785 pilots.  Only 46 pilots were hired in February and 37 in March.  April only has one class planned!  Obviously, hiring has slowed dramatically.  Over-age-60 pilots number 402.  Of those 402, 154 are on medical disability.  The main problem at DENTK has been the backlog of training for the B-777, as well as attempting to get surplused second officers to show up for B-727 school.  As the 727 flying decreases over the coming months, look for only over-age-60 flight engineers to be in the B-727 second officer seats.