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UAL-MEC Membership Committee Report

David A. Smith, Membership Committee Chair 

December, 2000

Through the end of October 2000, United has hired 952 pilots.  This is certainly not the Company's original projection for the year 2000.  It looks as if we will end up with a total of about 1,034 new-hires for 2000.  This is substantially lower than the plan from this summer to hire over 1,300 presented to the media by our CEO, Jim Goodwin.  This number is also lower than the last report's projection of 1,211 presented by Steve Forte, senior vice president of Flight Operations.

It should come as no surprise to any United pilot that future planning at this corporation is a very inexact science.  For most of this year, United had been saying that 2000 would be the record year for pilot hiring.  The reality is that 1989 stands as the year for record pilot hiring at United with 1,100 new-hires.  The current plan by United for 2001 is around 400 new-hire pilots.  While

United is not planning to suspend hiring anytime in the future, we are suspending interviewing pilot applicants effective February 1, 2001.  The reason for this suspension is that we have enough pilots
46 pooled" to meet our hiring needs for many months into the future.

The Membership Committee predicts that many of these "pooled" pilots will choose to work elsewhere when their class date at United is finalized.  The simple fact is that there are many airlines hiring right now and many "already hired" pilots here at United also have class dates with American, Northwest, Delta, or Continental.  We are not the only game in town when it comes to pilot employment.

United Pilot Statistics
As of the beginning of November 2000, United has 10,794 pilots on the property.  Of these pilots, 10,375 are less than 60 years old.  In other words, we have 419 pilots over age 60 still flying at United.  Of these 419 pilots, 153 are on medical disability.  Of the pilots on the property younger than 60, only 104 are on medical disability.  As the 747 rope-start and DC-10 fleets are retired, the only seat for over-age-60 pilots will be on the B-727.

The current retirement schedule for the B-727 shows that we will lose approximately 25 airplanes per year starting early in 2001.  There are presently a total of 75 B-727s in our fleet today.  The final B-727 is planned to be retired in October 2003.  Of course, as was stated before, future planning at United is an inexact science.  The price of fuel and the potential merger with US Airways could greatly affect this time line.

Forms for Denver Pilots
On the right side of the ALPA bulletin board at DENFO is a wall file with various ALPA forms in it.  You will find a dues check-off authorization (DCO) form, a form for request of council bypass, a form to request cancellation of council bypass, ALPA-PAC and UP-PAC check-off forms, proxies for LEC meetings, and a change-of-address form.  Please feel free to fill out any of the forms and place them in my DENFO mail slot (D.  A. Smith-red tab), and I'll make certain that they get to the right place.

One additional form that deserves special attention is the check-off form for contributions to the United Pilots' Charitable Foundation.  If you have any questions concerning this fine organization, please ask.  This is one painless way to make a difference to those who preceded us in this profession whose families are unable to enjoy the same level of living that you and I enjoy.  Now is the time to give during this festive holiday season.  This is a truly worthy organization.

Another note, the Denver Flight Office has forms for change of beneficiaries for all of the various programs and benefits we have at United. The untimely demise of some Denver pilots over this summer has brought this issue to the forefront.  Are your beneficiaries current and accurate?  Are you certain?  Please, please make certain your current wishes reflect where you want your benefits to go in case of a really bad day on this planet.  Verify your current beneficiaries and use the Denver Flight Office forms to update your wishes.  It could be too late tomorrow.

As always-the Membership Committee here at United thanks you for your continued support!