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These are some links that were suggested by visitors to my web site. If you know of any more related links that others may benefit from, forward them to me at

United Airlines
United Airlines' redesigned web site. It is much faster now that it used to be. There's really not all that much info for the prospective pilot applicant, but it has some good photos in the gallery.
The Air Line Pilots Association, International represents more than 51,000 airline pilots in the United States and Canada and is their voice for labor union and aviation safety issues.
The Aviation Home Page.  Good web site that covers almost every area of aviation.  Loads of links to all types domestic, international, charter, and cargo airlines.  Also lots of links to Federal, Military, Clubs and Organizations, Academies, Universities, Flight Schools, & FBO's, Art, Photography, & Poetry...........
Very impressive. is an on-line service for pilots seeking employment at the 13 largest U.S. airlines. The owners and principals are active pilots for major domestic air carriers who have long experience in commercial aviation and publishing. This is a pay service with a monthly membership fee of $4.95
This is a web site for geared towards many areas of aviation. Although it is not airline specific, there is one area, the message board, that is particularly good for interview info. 

"Will Fly for Food"
The site is actually called "Will Fly for Food". It has a collection of experiences from many different interviews. The hugh graphics are gone and there now is a message board here as well. There is some great info on here. 

Army Pilot to Airline Pilot
Web site geared more towards Army Heli Pilots looking to make the move to the airlines.  Lots of good info there for anyone working on their ratings/time.