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United Announces its Newest Hub: LAX 

The Pilot Schedule,  June 1999

This month United celebrates the April announcement of its latest U.S. hub by hosting special receptions and tours of the LAX terminals for travel agents, corporate travel planners and 1K customers. United also announced this month plans for further expansion from LAX in September. 

Some current facts about the LAX hub include:

  • United flies nonstop to 55 destinations worldwide and operates 370 daily departures.
  • Thirty percent of LAX passengers fly on United and United Shuttle flights, making United the airportís largest airline by a wide margin.
  • United spent $250 million to upgrade its LAX facilities. 1979 marks the last time United made significant facilities improvements at LAX.
LAX expansion plans include adding 30 new daily nonstop flights to key business destinations and enhancing Shuttle service from LAX. New nonstop service will include LAX flights to ATL, DFW and IAH, as well as to MFR, PSP, RNO, SAN and SBA on Shuttle.

Unitedís LAX pilot domicile:
Source: Bill Rothenburger - WHQCM
Aircraft Captains  F/Os  S/Os
B747-400 110 218
DC10 18 27 39
B777 21 27
A320 92 91
B737 49 51
Shuttle 118 121

The total number of LAX pilots is 1,228 (including management), which equals 12 percent of Unitedís total pilot population and makes LAX Unitedís third largest pilot domicile behind ORD and SFO.

New Hire pilots assigned to LAX for 1999:
(January through May)
Fleet   Position    Total 
B737-300 F/O 6
United Shuttle  F/O 7
Total: 13 New Hires

Where United flies non-stop from LAX:
(United, United Shuttle and United Express)
Aspen Auckland Bakersfield
Baltimore Boston Carlsbad
Chicago DenverEagle (Vail)
Fresno Guatemala Hayden
Hong Kong Honolulu Imperial
Inyokern Kona Las Vegas
Lihue London Maui
Merced Mexico City Miami
Monterey Newark New Orleans
New York Oakland Ontario
Orlando Osaka Oxnard
Palm Springs Philadelphia Phoenix
Portland Sacramento San Diego
San Jose San Salvador San Luis Obispo
Santa Ana Santa Barbara Santa Maria
Santa Rosa Seattle Sydney
Tampa Tokyo Tucson
Vancouver Visalia Washington, DC