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United Airlines
Flight Officer Positions

  United Airlines® is proud of the outstanding jobs performed by our more than 10,000 flight officers. To maintain our high levels of safety and service for our passengers and employees, our selection standards for these positions are understandably high. The following information will acquaint you with our qualifications, selection process and benefits. 

Responsibilities and Minimum Qualifications
Flight officers are responsible for the safe operation of our aircraft and the safe delivery of our passengers and cargo. To be considered for the position of Flight Officer with United Airlines, all applicants must satisfy the following list of Basic Qualifications: 

  • Meet FAA requirements to obtain an Airline Transport Certificate Airplane Category Rating as specified in FAR part 61.153 (a) through 61.153 (f) and 61.159. This includes the requirement to have the written test completed, but does not require completion of the practical test. 
  • 300 hours of Multi-Engine Airplane or 300 hours Turbojet Powered Airplane. 
  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate (ASEL or AMEL) with instrument rating. 
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit. 
  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate. 
  • Able to effectively manipulate the controls of all aircraft United Airlines operates. 
  • Vision correctable to 20/20. 
  • High School graduate or GED. 
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must be a registered alien with a legal right to accept employment in the U.S.
  • Those selected must possess a Flight Engineer Certificate (turbojet) or must have passed the FAA Flight Engineer written examination (FEB and FEJ, or FEX) which is current on date of hire. 
Application Process
To be considered for the position of flight officer, you must fill out and return a copy of the "United Airlines Application for Employment (rev. 6/98)" and "Aeronautical Experience/Scantron" form (rev.4/99). To receive your application and Scantron form call 1-888-UAL-JOBS. 
United Airlines
Flight Officer Employment
3333 Quebec, Suite 5000
Denver, CO 80207
Selection Process
The selection process for pilots consists of a panel interview with a flight operations representative and an employment representative. Candidates successful through this phase return for a medical evaluation. Upon a medical approval, candidates are assigned a class date or are pooled for future class dates. 

Salary & Contract
All United pilots are members of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). Your rate of pay is established by the ALPA contract in effect at the time of your employment. 

Travel & Other Benefits
After 90 days of employment, you, your spouse, dependent children and parents are eligible for unlimited travel passes on United Airlines. This "pass travel" requires a small service charge for each trip taken. During your first 90 days, unlimited personal travel is available at a 90 percent discount. 

As a flight officer, you will receive an extensive benefit package including company-paid medical, dental and life insurance, a pension plan and paid vacations. United also offers an employee stock purchase plan, a 401(k) plan and credit union. The medical and dental coverage applies to your spouse and dependent children.