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International Committee

Jim Good, Chairman

The Leading Edge, Winter 1999


Delhi Flying

United will stop flying to Delhi, India this spring.

 Management said that after three years we were still losing money. Whereas in the past we would occasionally pull out of a city pair, now we are leaving whole countries and sub-continents. Our airline of choice concept for business people around the world is certainly becoming very narrowly focused.

 I have participated in several meetings relative to the possibility of starting ORD- DEL service. This would be a very challenging route with an overflight of the western Himalayas - Russian Siberia and an over-the-north-pole segment to northern Canada. Oxygen, communications, training, emergency airport, diversion recovery problems, maintenance and dispatch issues are being worked on. This flying is being looked at for the future long after our present pull out of India.

Genesis Seat

The first conversion of a B777B aircraft will be accomplished during the third week of February. The curtain that will make seat 3A private for a crew rest seat will be custom created for each aircraft. I will be at the mod facility and will confirm that our requirements are being met. #