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Letter from Steve Forte 

Senior Vice President-Flight Operations

July 9, 1999
                 Dear Flight Operations Employee, 

                 I am honored to have been chosen as your Senior Vice
                 President. The people of Flight Operations are the best in the
                 industry, and I am proud to be one of you. 

                 During my 20 years with United, I believe I’ve come to know
                 what the people of Flight Operations are about. We are about
                 honesty, integrity, respect, fairness and excellence. We genuinely
                 care about our airline, our customers and each other. We want
                 to work for a winning organization: one that is safe, on time and
                 satisfies the needs of our employees and customers. We also
                 have a sense of humor and a love for this sometimes crazy,
                 always challenging business. 

                 As we move into the next century, we will see unprecedented
                 change. Many of our leaders will retire or move on to other
                 pursuits. In Flight Operations, hundreds of pilots and a number
                 of management and staff employees will move on. This will place
                 a large burden on the rest of us to ensure a safe and efficient
                 operation. We’ll need to develop new business processes and
                 leaders who will support our employees and provide
                 opportunity for growth. We’ll need to build an even stronger
                 relationship with our unions and continue to engage union
                 leadership in charting our company’s future. 

                 Yes, there will be change, but that also brings opportunity.
                 Whatever changes take place will be made with the involvement
                 of those who will be directly affected by them, and with a focus
                 on people. To effect positive change, employees must get
                 involved in the process, have the authority to make informed
                 decisions, and take personal responsibility for those decisions.
                 With that responsibility comes accountability – to our company,
                 our customers, all shareholders and, most importantly, to each

                 We spend most of our time focusing on the day-to-day
                 operation of our airline. I think it’s time to take a longer look at
                 where we’re headed, what we want Flight Operations to be,
                 and how we’re going to work together to get there. As I look
                 10 years into the future, I see many challenges. At our current
                 growth rate, by 2009, we could have 1,000 aircraft and 17, 800
                 pilots to fly them. We’ll need a considerable number of people
                 to support that operation in scheduling, training and dispatch.
                 We may have a viable supersonic transport, and competition is
                 sure to intensify. How will we face these challenges? We’ll face
                 them by tapping the creativity, leadership and potential in each
                 of us. 

                 We work for the greatest airline in the world, flying the best
                 equipment on the strongest route network. Most of us are here
                 because we love aviation. Let’s bring a bit of that passion for
                 aviation to work with us each day. This business is not just
                 about airplanes, simulators or computers. It’s about people, and
                 I am certain that we, the people of Flight Operations, will lead
                 United Airlines into the 21st century. 

                 Best regards, 

                 Captain Steve Forte 

                 Senior Vice President-Flight Operations