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The Latest from Flight Officer Employment

By Captain John Szakach, 

Manager-Flight Officer Recruiting Programs, DENEV

FlightLine, January 2001
January  2001

Year 2000 was extremely busy in Flight Officer Employment.  We ended the year with 1,032 new hires, the second highest year in United's history.  Our projections for 2001 should be in the 500-600 range.  Our overall interview success rate this past year was 56%, one of the highest in the industry.  Due to reduced class projections and the high pass rate, we have more than 300 successful candidates awaiting a class date.  In addition, we have several hundred interviews scheduled during the next few weeks.

To avoid having candidates incur long delays waiting for class dates, we plan to temporarily suspend interviews on Feb. 9, 2001.  This suspension will probably last several months, depending on revised new-hire projections, class sizes, etc.  We don't anticipate sending interview invitations until mid-2001.  We will continue to hire 40-50 pilots per month from the "readyto-hire" group during the months we are not conducting interviews.

Another significant change for 2001 is the planned transition to an electronic, web-based application process.  The new user-friendly application will benefit both the applicant and United.  We also will implement a new flight officer recommendation process.  We'll provide more information in the next few months.

Status Checks: 
Due to the suspension of interviews and the logistics involved in transitioning to the electronic application process, we will be unable to provide status checks via Unimatic e-note, effective Jan. 15, 2001.  We plan to reinstate a status check procedure later this year.

We plan to have a new website available in February.  Access will be through This site will provide information on our selection process, domiciles, equipment, frequently asked questions, change of address information, new-hire projections, intern programs, etc.  This will also be the link to the electronic application when it becomes available.