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Crew Planning Update

Charles Roichek,
Director-Planning & Analysis WHQCM

FlightLine, January 2001
January  2001

Here's hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  As a change of pace, I'd like to share some facts about the year 2000. he items are in no particular order, but do give an indication of our performance during 2000.

* We ended 2000 with 9,680 line pilots, including 177 new hires currently at DENTK.

* 329 pilots turned age 60 in 2000, with 57 (17%) electing to stay on as a Second Officer.

* We covered 2.3 million aircraft block hours in 2000.  Actual block hours were up 1 % over 1999.

* The amount of Flight Time Credit, or soft time, in the planned schedule was 4.26%. This compares to 1999's 4.62%, but is slightly worse than 1998's 4.16%. One percentage point of FTC is worth $20 million.

* For the year, the average line pilot flew 46.6 hard hours per month.

* As of this writing, our oldest pilot is 81; our youngest is 24.

* As of 1/3/01, we have 742 female pilots, including 203 Captains.

* Approximately 3,700 pilots transitioned to a new fleet or seat during 2000.

Joint Scheduling Committee Update

As I mentioned in the November FlightLine, our new agreement has some of the most improved pilot schedules in recent memory.  Night flying is being built to specific standards to address fatigue and quality issues.  Long duty periods are being reduced, and the length of sits is being minimized.  Time away from base is limited, and crews are being kept with their aircraft more frequently.

With two months of schedule construction "under our belts," I thought you'd be interested in our scheduling commitment results (see box below).  As you can see, we have done quite well. (However, as your broker might say, past performance is no guarantee of future performance!)

Upcoming Schedule

Finally, here are some upcoming scheduling changes.  On January 8, the SFO-PEK trip moved from a B747-400 to a B777.  This is our first scheduled service over 12 hours in a B777.  In February, IADMUC moves from a B777 to a B767-300, while ORD-AMS begins in the B777.

In April, there are several changes and new services.  First, we are restarting the around-the-world service (via Delhi) in the B747400.  O'Hare will pick-up the ORDLHR-DEL flying, with LAX picking up HKG-DEL.  New ORD-China flying will begin in the B777, with new JFK-HKG service beginning in the B747-400.  Other April changes include moving JFK-NRT from a B747-400 to a B777, two additional SFO-PVG (Shanghai) frequencies in the B747-400, and seasonal service to LHR from LAX in the B777 and SFO in the B767.