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Get to the Good Stuff

Charles Roichek,
Director of Flight Crew Planning & Analysis

FlightLine, May / June 2000
May / June 2000

Hello!  It is with great pleasure that I continue our Flight Ops tradition of giving you monthly information from Crew Planning.  I intend to keep this information as fresh, timely and relevant as my predecessors. I hope I can continue their good work and further build our relationship with pilots.  As for me, this is my second "tour of duty" in the Flight Operations (I was Manager - Manpower Planning several years ago). I began my career with United in Finance and have held positions in People and Information Systems.

Now for the good stuff.  As you know, slot controls at ORD, JFK and DCA will be phased out over the next few years.  The first phase of the reduction occurs this fall  As a result, it is likely that some narrow body growth will occur at ORD.  Nothing is certain yet, and much depends on how our competition (namely American) responds to the phase out.  I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to beat them at O'hare.  You may have noticed a number of recent narrow body ORD vacancy bids.  We put those out to ensure that Flight Ops has the pilots in place if additional flying materializes.  I'll keep you posted on this subject in future issues of FlightLine.

Another issue on the horizon involves our International schedule.  Given softness in the U.S. - Japan markets, one of our SFO-NRT flights was changed from a B400 to a B777 (beginning in July).  The B400 will be used on ORD-LHR (instead of the B777).  In the future, we will likely see more B777s in the Pacific, with the B400s deployed to other regions (Atlantic or Latin).  This is another area with much uncertainty, and we anxiously await our International schedule for 2001.

In the next issue, I'd like to give you an overview of the WHQCM organization.  We have some new faces with new responsibilities. Also, be looking for information of fleet plans, line levels, crew planning and other good stuff.