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Airline Interview Publications
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Now for some shameless promotion.
These are some of the most popular interview publications available.
These are sold through
I am participating in their affiliate program. You get the books that help you get through the interview, 
and I get a small commission if you go to Amazon from my web site..
  Checklist for Success:
A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Airline Interview 
 by Cheryl A. Cage
Price: $31.00
Interactive CD-ROM Training Companion 
to the book
Checklist for Success
by Cheryl A. Cage 
Price: $39.95
Airline Pilot Technical Interviews: A Study Guide 
 by Ronald D. McElroy 
Price: $27.95
Flight Plan to the Flight Deck: Strategies for a Pilot Career
by Judy A. Tarver, Alexander Cannon.
Published by Cheryl A. Cage
Price: $16.95
   Mental Math for Pilots
 by Ronald D. McElroy 
 Price: $27.95
Aim/Far 2000
by Charles F. Spence (Editor) 
Price: $12.76
You Save: $3.19 (20%)
  ATP Airline Transport Pilot FAA Written Exam
by Irvin N. Gleim 
 Price: $26.95
Flying the Big Birds : On Becoming an Airline Pilot
by Sylvia J. Otypka
Price: $14.95
  Becoming an Airline Pilot
by Jeff Griffin
Price: $24.95
  Professional Pilot Career Guide
by Robert P. Mark 
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $19.96
You Save: $4.99 (20%)
Guide to Airport Airplanes
by Frank Berk, William R. Berk 
For all you military guys out there who don't know your civilian aircraft.
List Price: $14.95
Our Price: $11.96
You Save: $2.99 (20%)
by Byron Barton

For the kids. Show them about your new job.

List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $4.76
You Save: $1.19 (20%)

If you don't see the book you are looking for, you can search all of from right here.

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