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United Reaches Important Fleet Milestone

United Newsreal, May 18, 2000


United yesterday took delivery of its 600th aircraft, a Boeing 777-222 that will bring the B777 fleet to 42.  Last week the company received its last B747-400, bringing that fleet's total to 44.              
 "This is an important milestone for our company since we have never had such a large fleet," says Andy Studdert, executive vice president and chief operating officer.  "The aircraft will begin service in the next weeks.  The new two-class B777 will fly in the San Francisco-Denver market and support San Francisco-Maui.  The B747 will fly in the San Francisco-Narita market, replacing an aircraft that is going in for reconfiguration."                              
The new acquisitions will join a fleet with an average age of 10 years that includes the following:           
                 Aircraft Type       Number of aircraft                         
                 747-200                7                                       
                 747-400               44                                       
                 777-200               42                                       
                 767-200               19                                       
                 767-300               34                                       
                 757-200               98                                       
                 727-200               75                                       
                 737-200               24                                       
                 737-300              101                                       
                 737-500               57                                       
                 McDonnell Douglas                                              
                 DC-10-10               4                                       
                 DC-10-30               3                                       
                 DC-10-30               4                                       
                 A320                     59                                       
                 A319                     29