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Year 2000:  Widebody Flying Updates

Richard Lung 

Director-Flight Crew Scheduling

The Pilot Schedule, November 1999

In an attempt to keep up with the constantly changing international picture, here is the latest round of updates:

The HNL B747 closing has been delayed from Jan.  I to Jan. 31 due to training constraints and other manpower issues.  The B400 is expected to open now on Jan. 3 1, with flying starting Feb. 8 from HNL to the West Coast, however, these plans are not yet firm.  We are working with Aircraft Scheduling to temporarily add a B400 from HNL to the West Coast in February to allow us to build up HNL in an orderly basis and to meet some ALPA objectives.    This avoids system deadheading of reserves and keeps the gap between the closing and opening as short as possible.  On March 2, we expect enough pilots to be trained and in place to convert the flying to HNL-NRT, and on May 1, we expect to add a NRT tag, yet to be determined.  By May, we expect to have 10 Captain and 16 First Officer lines. Additional bids long term will depend on how quickly Asia recovers.  Before the Asia crisis, we had flown three roundtrips from HNL to Japan.

The LAX D10 closing is also expected to be deferred from Jan. 1 to Jan. 3 1, due to training constraints and manpower issues.  Matching the HNL B747 close date of Jan. 31 also avoids any potential ping-ponging between the two domiciles.  LAX B777 is expected to gain an incremental international route.    We have filed for LAX-CDG route authority, which would be operated year round.  If this falls through, we will give LAX B777 the second summer seasonal LAX-LHR, followed by winter domestic flying, most likely to Hawaii.

The second B777 mission planned for the Pacific, SFO-NRT-SHA, will now remain as a B400 due to maintenance constraints.  This means SEA-NRT-BKK will be the only B777s Pacific mission until late 2000, when the bunked B777 are expected on the property.  B777 SFO therefore is expected to remain stable, but SFO B400 lines are expected to grow significantly with the addition of SFO-SHA and another SFO-Asian service in April.

Downline impact on the SFO-NRT-SHA remaining as a B400 is that a B777 will now stay on IAD-FRA instead of being converted to a B400.  We had been planning to fly IAD-FRA as a "W' with ORD B400 crews, in combination with ORD-FRA. Therefore DCA B777 is now expected to increase from fall to spring with the conversion of IAD-MXP from B767 to B777 service for summer 2000.  With BRU as the remaining B767 summer-2000 flight out of IAD, we will backfill DCA B767 with ORD-DUS (currently flown by JFK) for summer 2000.  DENTK advised us to have at least two international missions for the DCA B767 base to maintain international qualification currency.

ORD B400 lines are now expected to remain stable year-over-year, with the planned "W" ORD- FRA-IAD-FRA-ORD now scaled back to a round trip ORD-FRA.  This year, ORD B400 was flying  IAD-FRA with a deadhead from ORD to IAD.